Welcome to Pakuba Safari Lodge – Murchison Falls National Park

Pakuba Safari Lodge is nestled on the Eastern Bank of the Albert Nile in Murchison Falls National Park overlooking the spectacular River Nile. The lodge location affords panoramic views of the mighty River Nile, sweeping vistas of the surrounding riverine forest below, and captivating surrounding wilderness where travelers get the chance to sight Giraffes, Elephants, Antelopes, and occasionally Leopards that pay regular visits to the lodge. Our tastefully furnished rooms offer comfort, style, and serenity.

Pakuba Safari Lodge Reception Area
Pakuba Safari Lodge Reception Area

We look forward to welcoming you through Pakuba Safari Lodge doors for a long-awaited getaway… With our COVID-19 Protocols in place, your well-being is our top priority – along with creating the holiday you’ve been dreaming about…

When we discovered Murchison Falls, we instantly knew we had found something very special. The amazing area-managed section of un-spoilt Africa within the Murchison Falls National Park (with the Most Powerful Waterfall in the World), is unlike anything we have ever seen. With spectacular Murchison Falls and iconic wildlife, this place holds its own among Uganda’s greatest reserves.

Unique to Pakuba Lodge: Un-apologetically exclusive
It is our singular mission to ensure that our guests leave with incredible memories that will last a lifetime, and will keep them coming back. We have achieved this through designing carefully thought-out experiences that move beyond the ordinary. Check Out testimonies from some of our clients

You need to know what to expect - for an inside national park I would prefer glamping/ bandas but Pakuba is actually enjoyable. The team did a great job to arrange for our food nearby the pool and everybody was super friendly. The rooms standard is good and I can't say a bad word about the place 😉



This was our first stop after our 3 days up in Kidepo National Park The accommodations are nicely spacious and very clean lots of hot water and really good value The place is right on the river Nile so it is a little humid but nothing to really worry about The staff are wonderful as are most in Uganda The place is a good place to stay if you want to do game drives in the morning and visit Murchison falls in the afternoon Actually saw three lions on the way to the falls


The lodge was great for us. We were there two nights. Very nice staff. Room very nice and clean. the facility very nice. The food was delicious. The environment is a dream. When you leave the hotel you can get into the beautiful park immediately without having to cross the Nile. It is essential to start a safari there shortly before sunrise. It's worth it👍the park was a fairytale world for us. Of course, the boat trip and the waterfalls were really great too. we saw a lot of animals. then we had a night tour which is also very recommendable we'll be back. and then longer❤️ Jasmina and Danny

Jasmina C

We enjoyed our time at Pakuba. It was nice and convenient as it was right in the park. There were warthogs and waterbuck right in the front yard. The rooms were nice and clean and the beds were great. My reason for the lower ratings was the charging for water even in the dining room. I have never been at a facility where water at the meals was not included. You were provided a small bottle of water in the room for each person each day, however, the water was not placed in the room until around 6 in the evening. For a very small cost, this could be provided at meals for the guests. The other issue was each time you wanted to use the internet you had to ask to have it switched on. The meals were ok but nothing special. The breakfast was always at least 30 minutes late even after stressing the need to have it ready on time which delayed game drives. With a few modifications, this could be a great lodge. The pool was clean and beautiful.

Peggy M

"Start to dilapidate and upkeep seems to be far away on the owner's mind. Most staff were friendly, but professionally they left a lot to wish for, both at the reception, dining area, and pool area. The fact that some animals were seeking shelter within the premises would probably thrill some safari newbies. Lots of common animals around the camp, and we saw all the big five, but the road system does not allow for close encounters most of the time. I am all for a limited stress to the animals, but a few more roads could make a difference. There is a new super-wide "highway for oil" transportation being built through the Park and that is hardly a factor that would make safari nerds like me to go back. So, to wrap it up, go there for the location within the Park, not for the services, food, or architecture of the Lodge. It is very bland and boring and would need some severe upgrades to attract more visitors. A disappointment in my book!"


"We spent two nights at Pakuba Lodge towards the end of our trip in Uganda and it was wonderful. After a very hot day of driving, being able to relax by the pool was a real treat, the views from the pool were incredible. The rooms were spacious and really nice. It was a real treat to have AC. Everyone on staff was welcoming and friendly, especially at the restaurant. Our meals were very good, and it was nice to have a craft shop right there. Traveling during COVID poses extra challenges and the staff was careful to keep facemasks on and make us feel safe. Staying right in the Park was so fun! Especially going to bed and waking up and seeing the waterbuck and warthogs hanging our right outside our room. Going to Murchinson Falls park and taking a cruise down the Nile to see the falls are both must-do's on a trip to Uganda. Great experience!!"


Being alone out in this magical place is life-altering.

For a one-on-one, private Uganda safari, you don’t get better than this. Within this vast wilderness (Murchison Falls), and Pakuba Safari Lodge is the only camp.

Whether staying at Pakuba Safari Lodge or a Trip to Murchison Falls national park, ‘luxury’ is in the thoughtful comforts, excellent food and wine, and attentive service that leave you free to live in and enjoy every moment.

Our lodge creates an exclusive and highly personal experience for you – from traditional game drives and a hike to the top of Murchison Falls. Come and explore your own way.

Pakuba Safari Lodge
Bush Diner at Pakuba Safari Lodge

Find Sanctuary in the Murchison Falls National Park While at Pakuba Safari Lodge

A remote retreat looking over the breathtaking Waterfall Valley, Pakuba Safari Lodge welcomes those in search of space and peace. It’s the private location that really sets it apart, with wide-angle vistas of the most powerful waterfall escarpment merging into the acacia savannah of the Murchison falls national park – a perfect wilderness all to yourself…

Pakuba Safari Lodge
Pakuba Safari Lodge
Single Room

Be there in the blink of an eye

Located within the Murchison Falls National Park, Pakuba Lodge is just 6 hours’ drive from the capital of Uganda (Kampala), and a short flight, from Entebbe International Airport. Pakuba Safari Lodge is not situated in a malaria-risk area.